What are Strategic Exit Strategies?

Within the businesses life cycle, companies start-up, grow, mature and ultimately decline. At this point the directors must decide whether to take remedial action in order to grow their business (i.e. re-invest, merge, acquire, transform etc) or consider their options for exiting non-core subsidiary businesses or the entire company / corporate group.

Companies have access to a range of exit structures to achieve their objectives. Depending on the exit structure and approach, the regulatory, tax, and reporting requirements of each alternative can vary significantly and may have different timelines for completion. Strategic exit strategies may present challenges, but with the right understanding, strategic planning, and priority management, companies assessing exit strategies in today’s difficult market can achieve their goals and derive robust deal value.

When to consider Strategic Exit Strategies

There are no pre-determined timescales for the business lifecycle and the desire to exit a business can be driven by a wide range of personal, company and market circumstances. On the one hand a proactive exit plan may be developed to allow a director(s) to retire, pursue other interests or generate money through a merger / acquisition or, on the other, it may be in reaction to financial challenges (caused by an increase in costs, market competition, declining performance, new legislation etc) which threaten its on-going viability.

Whatever the reason if the directors of a company are considering their exit options it is recommended that they seek professional advice as soon as possible.

Next steps

At mlm Solutions we can advise business owners on the various possible exit strategies so that they can decide the best way for them to exit the business and receive a return on their investment.

Drawing upon our knowledge and experience we can assist business owners to develop and deliver the optimal exit strategy for their situation.

Our expertise covers areas such as: project management, business continuity, contract administration, business management, asset realisation, assessment and determination of liabilities as well as directors’ duties and responsibilities. Working alongside your existing advisors, we can assist with taxation and accounting and management of publicity, providing a full service which allows you to proceed with your chosen exit strategy smoothly and with maximum benefit.

Strategic Exit Strategy Advice Glasgow, Edinburgh and London

We understand that facing up to financial challenges can be extremely difficult and stressful. However, you should be reassured to know that there are options available and, with the right advice and support, you can take the necessary steps to improve your situation. For more information on strategic exits, please contact us at an office near you.


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