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What Impact will Brexit have on Your Business

The UK has decided to leave the EU following the referendum on 23 June. This decision will affect the UK economy, policy and legislation and will impact on the operating environment for your business. There could be unforeseen financial pressures on your business, or indeed businesses you trade with, which will need to be taken into account in setting your business strategy going forward. It is worth bearing in mind that the changes will be implemented slowly, but the economic environment may become more challenging quite quickly.

As you will be aware, we won’t officially leave the EU for a minimum of two years as there will be a negotiation period after we’ve provided notice under the Treaty on European Union. During this time we would encourage businesses to proactively monitor and assess the impact on their external market as well as review the internal structure and strategy to ensure the business is sustainable. We can help you put in place plans for the future, taking into account new challenges and indeed financial stresses which you may face.

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Thursday, 20 July 2017
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